LLinked D Cowhorses





How Ranch Sorting Works:

Two pens are set up against each other with a small gate
connecting them.

There are eleven or twelve calves/steers, depending on the event host, in
one of the pens.

The calves/steers are numbered 0-9 with the remaining 1 or 2 left

The judge raises the flag and when the riders cross the gate between the
two pens a number is called out, the clock starts and the competition

The team of two riders move the cattle, one at a time, from one pen to the
other in numerical order, starting with the called random number.  For
  1. Judge calls out # 7.  
  2. The team must start by sorting off the # 7 calf/steer, then 8, then 9,
    then 0, then 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 last.
  3. The cattle without a number must remain in the first pen.

One rider stays at the gate to “hold off” the unwanted cattle, while the
other rider “sorts off” the wanted calf/steer and brings him through the
gate.  The riders switch positions each time a calf/steer is brought
through the gate.

If a calf/steer gets from one pen to the other out of order, then the team is
disqualified.  If any of the cattle that have already been sorted come back
into the pen, the team is disqualified.

The clock is set for 60 or 90 seconds (depending on the event host).
When time is up the team stops sorting. The team with the most amount
of cattle sorted in the fastest time wins.


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